HTML5 Gallery

HTML5 Gallery

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Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris
April 14th, 2012

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HTML5 Gallery Description

HTML5 Gallery brings you an interesting and impressive photo and video gallery that works on android, iphone, ipad, windows phone and all modern web browsers. A perfect combination of HTML5, CSS3, Flash and jQuery, the first Gallery that supports images, YouTube, Vimeo and local videos in one gallery and works on mobile, tablet and desktop computers. The only Gallery that supports Google Analytics Logging, LightBox effect and social media integration. Four awesome skins, easy to install and easy to configure. 

Major Features:
  1. Photo and Video Support: Support images, videos, YouTube and Vimeo. You can create a photo gallery, a video gallery or a gallery of photo, video, YouTube and Vimeo.
  2. Work for Desktop and Mobile Web: A perfect combination of HTML5, Flash and jQuery. HTML5 Gallery works on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and all modern web browsers.
  3. Social Media Support: Built-in Facebook, Twitter and Google+ support
  4. Google Analytics Event Tracking: You can set up a Google Analytics account to track how many times each image or video has been viewed or played.
  5. Google Fonts: You can display the title with stylish and free Google fonts.
  6. LightBox Effects: Support built-in LightBox effects for images, videos, YouTube and Vimeo
  7. XML or Inline HTML Codes Playlist: You can provide playlist with regular inline HTML codes or an XML file.
  8. Horizontal and Vertical Skins: Support horizontal and vertical thumbnail carousel skins, more skins will be provided in future versions.
  9. Image Preloading: HTML5 Gallery can preload next image thus avoiding unnecessary waiting.
  10. Easy to Install: By using the HTML5 data tag, HTML5 Gallery is the easiest gallery to integrate to your webpage
  11. Multiple Galleries on One Page: You can create multiple photo or video galleries on one webpage without any extra settings.
  12. Branding Your Gallery (Commercial Version Only): You can branding the gallery with your own logo.
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Download HTML5 Gallery
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