iLister CMS 5.5

iLister CMS 5.5

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March 24th, 2012

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iLister CMS 5.5 Description

iLister CMS 5.5 is launched to be a helpful and smart multilanguage easy to use and flexible content management system that allows users to create the structure, navigation and content of pages within the web site. iLister CMS provides users with the ability to maintain the content on the web site. It is focused on fast and easy content editing and allow users to publish news, to list articles and publications in a catalogued way, to create on-line polls for enhancing interaction with users and building client loyalty and much more, without needing any programming or design skills.

Major Features:
  1. Admin Options
    • PHP Classifieds Script allows to create, modify, customize, and edit:
      • Listing types or categories
      • Listing common fields (various data types)
      • Listing custom category fields 
      • User groups
      • User common fields (various data types)
      • User group-specific fields
      • Membership plans and packages
      • Features and options for plans and packages
      • Function and page SMARTY templates 
      • Theme inheritance system 
    • Listing Caption 
    • Change user group 
    • Admin panel can be translated in many languages 
    • Listing URL SEO Data 
    • User segmentation via multiple custom user groups
    • Re-post all new listings/publications in the Facebook and Twitter accounts 
    • Convenient registered user search
    • IP Blocklist Manager 
    • Pre-moderation and post moderation (after edit) of all listings (customizable)
    • Moderation bypass for Trusted User groups 
    • User data import from CSV or XLS format
    • User data export to XLS format
    • Unlimited categories and sub-categories to advertise different products and services 
    • Common fields for all categories
    • Custom fields for any category
    • JPEG Image Quality Tool
    • Add listings as website administrator 
    • Extended search capabilities:  
      • Search/filter listings by package
      • Search by
        • Listing ID
        • Activation/ Expiration Date
        • Username
        • Moderation Status
      • Search/Filter by Category
    • Synchronization of new package terms with currently available packages 
    • Listing data import from CSV/XLS format 
    • Listing data export to XLS format added to iLister PHP Classifieds Script
    • View current packages/plans assigned to every listing 
    • Modify current packages/plans assigned to listing or group of listings 
    • Apply any package to any existing listing 
    • Admin notifications about renewals 
    • Notification and alert options:
      • Admin notifications on important events 
      • User notifications on listing or subscription activation and expiration 
    • Set CAPTCHA for all forms (Contact, Tell a Friend, Contact Seller, and Registration)
    • Mobile Addon
    • Listing Comments 
    • Report Inappropriate Content
    • Quick user registration
    • Log in with your OpenID and/or Facebook/Twitter/Google accounts 
    • Password recovery
    • Listing catalog browsing 
    • Re-post listings to user's Facebook and Twitter accounts 
    • Sort by any field
    • Change usergroup 
    • Change username 
    • Extended search capabilities  
      • US Zip Code and distance search (UK available)
      • Search by seller
      • Keyword search in selected category or across categories
      • Advanced search with category-specific fields
    • Seller inventory on a separate page
    • Rotating Featured listings
    • Save search results 
    • Instant email inventory of new listings matching user criteria
    • Advanced listing comparison 
    • Tell-a-friend - share listings with friends (via e-mail)
    • Printable flyers with listing data
    • Loan/mortgage calculator available at iLister PHP Classifieds Script
    • Customizable membership plans covering all optional features
    • Convenient user billing history
    • Automatic listing and membership plan renewals
  2. User Options
    • QR Code Generator 
    • Picture Carousel
    • Featured Listings on the front page (optional enhancement)
    • Slideshow displaying all listing pics (optional enhancement) 
    • YouTube video support (optional enhancement) 
    • Highlighted listing– instant attention-getter (optional enhancement)
    • Google Maps fully integrated to PHP Classifieds Script
    • RSS Feeds
    • WYSIWYG editor for text fields – custom format your listing details 
    • Website watermark for all uploaded images 
    • Listing ratings 
    • Multiple picture upload interface
    • Mark Listing as Sold – show visitors what has been sold via your website
    • Max symbols left for text and input fields
  3. Listing Options
    • Flexible membership plan system for individual and corporate sellers
    • Subscription-based plans
    • Pay-per-listing plans
    • Configure key listing parameters (lifetime, number of pics, etc.)
    • Include and configure optional listing enhancements (video, highlight, slideshow)
    • Custom offers for particular user groups (FSBO, agents, dealers, etc)
    • Custom group member profiles and menus
  4. Flexible Membership Plans
    • Create custom pages or page sections with various content 
    • Insert 3rd party code (Google Ads, banners, etc) into any template
    • Business catalog - A great link exchange tool to list your partners or 3rd party service providers
    • Publications and news - Publish and manage your articles and news events on the website 
    • Online Polls - Conduct surveys on your website and display results
  5. Content Management System (CMS)
    • Credit points system – buy credits to pay for all website services and options 
    • Buy credits with debit/credit cards: 2CO, PayPal, or Authorize.Net; by cash/check or wire transfer 
    • Admin billing interface - review payments made by users, manually endorse pending payments 
    • User billing and expense history
  6. Money and Payments
    • Multilanguage support – run your website in several languages 
    • Tie theme with language – display RTL languages with RTL themes, custom language themes
    • Import/export language files
    • Free language files kindly provided by the clients of iLister PHP Classifieds Script 
  7. Multi-Language Capabilities
    • SEO meta tags define Title, Description and Keywords for every user page
    • Browse all listings by state or any other field for added SEO friendliness and usability
    • SEO-friendly URLs
    • Custom assign urls for all pages (/your-url/ or /your-page.html)
    • Dynamic meta tags and URL for listing pages (/your-listing-details-here.hml)
    • All Ads by Seller - SEO-friendly pages for iLister Classified Software
    • Share your website links – let your visitors promote your website 
  8. Search Engine Optimization Options
    • Multiple banner blocks (groups) – add as many banner groups as you like
    • Unlimited number of banners per group
    • Banner Queue Management – set the order of rotation for banners
    • Activate and Deactivate banners at anytime
    • Image and Flash banners acceptable
    • Easy banner upload and configuration (caption, URL, delay time settings)
    • Simple stats based on the number of clicks
  9. Banner Management Addon 
  • New Features:
    • Full support of PHP 5.3
    • Introduced Go-to Smarty 3
    • Optional "Share Your Site" block switch via admin panel
    • Created new free template 
    • Craigslist-like front page for iLister's new theme
    • Added button to clear cache in admin panel
    • New tool “chart poll†was added
  • Enhancements:
    • Enhanced “Share Your Site†block design
    • Added a possibility to use Custom Settings depending on themes
    • BMA was updated
  • Bugfixes:
    • The import of “tree†fields with three levels was corrected
    • Bug with saved searches loading was fixed
    • Automatic updating of subscription was corrected
    • The problem with the QR code scanning was solved
    • Plus more minor enhancements and bugfixes
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Copyright iLister CMS 5.5

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Download iLister CMS 5.5
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