JS calendar 2.1.9

JS calendar 2.1.9

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November 8th, 2012

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JS calendar 2.1.9 Description

JS calendar 2-1.9 is a popup or flat calendar for selecting date/time. The look is fully customizable by CSS. It can dynamically change month/year and first day of week (any day can be it). You can also select month/year from drop-down menus. Several state-of-the-art color themes. Can display adjacent months. Smart positioning algorithm. 

Major Features:

  1. Supports single or multiple dates selection, as well as selection of date ranges. Click a start date, then hold SHIFT and click the end date. There is no limit to the number of days in a range.
  2. You can also hold CTRL and click to select individual dates.
  3. The selection object can return an array of dates or date ranges.
  4. Supports popup mode
  5. Can be limited to a certain time period (start y/m/d - end y/m/d). It supports disabling individual dates as well, based on an user-supplied callback function.
  6. Animated change of month/year1
  7. Animated drop-down menu for quick selection of month/year1
  8. The calendar is focusable as a standard browser control, i.e. you can focus it using the TAB key. Supports full keyboard navigation2
  9. Supports time selection.
  10. You can change month/year/hour/minute using the mouse scroll wheel. Rolling the wheel on top of the calendar changes the month, but if you hover one of the » or « or "Today" buttons, then it'll change the year. If you roll over the time fields, well, go figure. ;-)
  11. Easily internationalizable. All the language strings are in a separate file.
  12. The look is infinitely customizable via CSS. Currently we have 5 color themes, but expect more soon.
  13. Has a nice and clean API and a few utilities. Full source code is available to licensed users.
  14. The source code is small (around 32K, or 10K gzipped) and self-contained. It does not depend on any third party libraries and has no side effects whatsoever. You should be able to use it with jQuery, Prototype and anything else.


  • Fixes:
    • various fixes in date/time parsing and initialization: it now no longer depends on DST, and handles better non-ASCII (accented) characters in the month name (note, this still doesn't seem to work fine for Chinese).
    • automatically add type="submit" when the trigger element is a button (otherwise, when it was embedded in some FORM element it caused the form to submit, the visible effect being that the calendar disappeared immediately).
    • fixed language setting in the demo page for popup calendars
  • New:
    • added fixed and noScroll constructor arguments.
    • switched to UglifyJS for compression. The minified code is now only 32K, going down to 10K if your server can do GZip compression.
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Download JS calendar 2.1.9
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