RGraph: HTML5 Javascript charts library

RGraph: HTML5 Javascript charts library

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March 26th, 2012

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RGraph: HTML5 Javascript charts library Description

RGraph: HTML5 Javascript charts library is such an easy-to-use and effective HTML5 Javascript charts library which uses the new HTML5 canvas tag to provide client side charts capabilities easily. A wide range of charts are catered for including the typical Bar, Line and Pie charts along with a few less well known charts such as Rose and Waterfall charts. Configuration is easy, there's extensive documentation and the API is fully documented. 

Major Features:
  1. Free to use!:
    • RGraph is free to use on non-commercial websites such as personal blogs, educational, charity or government websites - you don't need to buy a license. Go here for details about a commercial license.
    • RGraph supports 20+ chart types, including Bar charts, Line charts and Pie charts, with many having variations available, such as the Line chart with the X axis in the center. Examples of all the charts are available from the examples page and there are more in the documentation.
  2. Many different types of charts:
    • As you'll see from the documentation RGraph has lots of features, such as tooltips, visual effects, zooming, context menus, interactive adjusting and resizing to name a few. You can combine charts such as the Line and Bar chart and as of the next release you'll be able to combine more types of charts with more dynamic features.
    • All charts and features are documented with examples and code that you can use. The HOWTO guides walk you through doing some common tasks step-by-step with more example code.
    • The full source is included in the download and you're free to make changes to suit. The API is documented and there is also a bare-bones implementation available if you want to extend RGraph and make your own charts.
  3. Feature packed and fully documented:
    • Support is available by email (support@rgraph.net) with responses typically taking a matter of hours or less.
  4. Fast support:
    • RGraph supports a variety of Progress Bars and Meters which allow you to create rich dashboards for monitoring your servers or applications. Types of meters include:
      • Meters
      • Horizontal Progress Bars
      • Thermometers
      • Fuel Gauges
      • Gauges
      • Vertical Progress Bars
      • Odometers
    • Most of the meters can be animated like the example on the right.
  5. Javascript dashboard solutions:
    • With the current stable release charts can be combined but when you start adding dynamic features things start to get complicated. As of the next stable release, thanks to something called the Object Registry, you'll be able to combine more charts with dynamic features such as tooltips or effects. You can see examples of this by looking at the test area. Note: This is a development area and things may not work correctly. It is intended as a preview only!
    • At the time of writing there's lots to do so the next stable release will be at the end of March at the earliest, possibly later.
  6. Multiple chart support:
Download RGraph: HTML5 Javascript charts library
Copyright RGraph: HTML5 Javascript charts library

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Download RGraph: HTML5 Javascript charts library
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